Our company
ASELAND ING. is a major European consortium which specializes in the design, factory pre-fabrication and on-site construction of exceptionally high quality and energy-efficient timber frame houses to a fixed-price, guaranteed timetable of just as fast as possible. ASELAND ING. is headquartered in ISTANBUL with sales offices throughout
Africa including Saudi Arabia, Syria, Qatar and Libya. Currently over 100 Pre-fabrication Houses have been completed, or are under construction, in the TURKEY.
Our Mission
Our main aim is to provide a turn-key house building package whilst providing excellent quality of workmanship, combined with superb choice and affordability. This simple Mission has led to many satisfied Pre-fabrication House customers in the MIDDEL EAST & AFRICA both self-builders and developers, and this number is growing all the time.
We also offer innovative solutions like the Pre-fabrication House Super Thermo wall and a wide range of different styles and finishes, so we can fulfill your exact requirements for both saving energy and having your home tailor-made just the way you want it.
With a Pre-fabrication House you get quality from start to finish. Expert advice, experienced craftsmen, branded building materials, certified quality management, and a 20-year structural warranty are all standard at Pre-fabrication House, ensuring quality and attention to detail at every stage. Branded building materials
Every component of a Pre-fabrication House is built using quality branded materials from companies and many others. We also have ISO 9001 certification for all our services including design, production and on-site assembly, while annual quality audits guarantee that you receive a continuously high standard.