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The families choice of today is Duplex prefabricated houses. Duplex prefabric house is placed on top of one prefabric house that becomes from two separate projected. Today, duplex house is well known name on building sector.

Duplex prefabricated houses are starting from 82 m2 in size. Duplex prefabricated houses could produced by 102 m2, 106 m2, 114 m2, 116 m2, 126 m2, 129 m2, 132 m2, 136 m2, 146 m2, 148 m2, 153 m2, 156 m2, 165 m2, 172 m2, 177 m2 and 219 m2.

Single-storey house or double storey prefabricated projects are completely done according to customer`s request. Prefabric Projects could built by customer wishes and directives, the desired size bathroom, toilet, kitchen, room, living room.

If we compared to concrete buildings and prefabricated penthouse houses to earthquake, we could see prefabricated penthouse houses are more resistant. Prefabricated penthouse house provides more peaceful and environment heat and sound insulation system.

According to family planning, it is possible to make changes in pre-fabricated homes in the future.

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